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I’ve Never Been In Sales Before – Can I Really Make A Good Income?

It doesn't matter

Absolutely! Some of our top income earners came from a completely unrelated field – here are some examples:

  • Teachers
  • Athletes
  • Former CEOs
  • Recent Graduates
  • Stay-at-home Moms
  • Veterans
  • Waiters & Bartenders
  • Musicians
  • Grandmothers
  • Leasing Agents
  • Recent Transplants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • City Administrators
  • Operations Managers

We see this as an advantage since we train you from the ground up. Some of our top six-figure income earners each year are people in their first year with our company. Your income will be a direct reflection of two things; your work effort and your ability to apply our selling and growth systems. If you have confidence in both areas, we provide you the opportunity to attain your personal income goals.

What Would My First Few Weeks Look Like?

A new agent’s first few weeks are tightly structured to give a proven ramp to a successful launch. Our New Agent Calendar goes through this in detail.

What Expenses Will I Have Initially?

The company provides all the sales marketing materials, initial training & ongoing leadership development at no cost to you. You are responsible for attaining your state license, which is very inexpensive. You are also responsible for getting to and from selling appointments.

How Much Travel Is Involved?

This is your local career. Most of your time will be spent working in your local assigned territory.

Do You Offer Paid Benefits?

Let the rest

Because we are classified as independent contractors we meet our own insurance needs like any other business owner. Because of this you have the ability to choose what insurance is best for your own personal or family needs.

Do People Fail In This Career?

Career agents fail because of 2 reasons:

1. Lack of effort
2. Lack of follow through on systems

We provide the best products and the need for our policies is ever growing. We provide exceptional product and process training. We provide a pay structure that is cash rich and a selling process that yields a very short selling cycle.

Our Sales System

Our selling systems are simple, effective, proven, and cost no more money than the gas to get to the prospect’s business or home. We invest in your personal skills (“teaching you to fish”) rather than simply feeding you for a day.

Building Your Client Base in Two Markets

1. Small Business Owners

SMB Owner

The What: Small Mom & Pop businesses (1 to 10 employee businesses where you can walk in and meet the owner) are under-served in our niche.

The Why: A small hair salon, mechanic, flower shop, etc. relies on the owner being present to operate the business and serve the customer. If the owner were to die or battle cancer for 6-18 months, it would affect their business revenue, their personal income and cause a hardship in paying their business and personal bills. They love the logical nature of our products with Return of Premium. These business owners “get” what you are offering and provide the best referrals.

The How-To: We subscribe to several databases and can pull leads with companies and decision-makers in your local market. Our scripts will help you set appointments and give presentations. With energy and follow through, it’s extremely effective and produces an immediate result that is long-lasting.

NOTE: We also serve larger businesses on a payroll basis but start with the Mom & Pop and systematically work in the “back door” approach with the larger businesses.

2. Individuals and Families

Personal Network

The Why: Most people have never discussed or considered a backup plan if they were to die, go through cancer, heart attack, stroke or have an accident. Many have been approached by multiple sources regarding Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Retirement, but very few have anything in place to pay their bills while they are battling (and surviving) an illness.

The How-To: Use The Hot 100 or partner with one of our lead vendors to get started and our Referral System to keep your pipeline full.

A Day In The Life….

Sunday 1 hour. [anytime] – Organize the contacts you made last week, create a weekly game plan and share with your mentor.

Monday: Dial to set appointments for the rest of the week

The rest of the week: Dial between appointments to keep your schedule full.

End your week: when you’ve hit your goal.

The Point System

The name of the game in our business is getting 30 “points” per day:

1 Point for making an Approach. That could be approaching a referral over the phone. walking into a business and asking to speak to the owner, or walking across the street from a client’s house and introducing yourself to the neighbors.

3 Points for giving a Presentation

5 Points for every family protected

An Example of how points work in the typical First Week:

Monday: Approach 30 people and set 4 appointments = 30 points

Tuesday: Get stood up for 2 appointments, Approach 30 people and set 3 appointments = 30 points

Wednesday: Give 3 Presentations (9 points), Approach 21 people = 30 points

Thursday: Give 5 Presentations (15 points), close 1 with 2 Applications (5 points), and then Approach an additional 10 people = 30 points

Friday: Give 7 Presentations (21 points), close one with 3 Applications (5 points) & one with 2 Applications (5 points) = 31 points

Earnings from the above Activity: (see next section for more details)

Total: 7 Applications

$1,400 cash advance by direct deposit

Every agent is different. Some have a vast network of contacts that they can tap into immediately to get their 30 points every day. Others build their business by introducing themselves to new people until they’ve built up a referral network of their own. Either way, Approaches lead to Presentations lead to Customers.

How We Get Paid

There’s something so gratifying about finally being paid what you are worth. Our true pay-for-performance compensation plan makes us some of the highest paid sales career professionals. We take advantage of the fact that there is no limit to the amount we can earn.

1 – Personal Sales commission on New Business

Personal Sales
  • Each week, you’re paid an advance on future income from the sales you make.
  • You receive on average $200 per sale up front:

Cash Flow Examples….

Sell ONE a day:
$200 a day x 5 days = advanced $1,000
$80,000+ in first-year commission

Sell TWO a day:
$400 a day x 5 days = advanced $2,000
$160,000+ in first-year commission

Sell THREE a day:
$600 a day x 5 days = advanced $3,000
$240,000+ in first-year commission

2 – Renewals & Residual Income: the most exciting thing about our career

Money while you sleep
  • Beginning with the second year, you will be paid renewal commission for every active policy you’ve written
  • Full vesting after only five years locks in a permanent income, regardless of your future affiliation with us

The value of your renewals after just one year …

Sell ONE a day:
Your Lifetime Renewals (Years 2-20) are worth over $50,000
After 5 years you’ve built a $250,000 retirement annuity

Sell TWO a day:
Lifetime Renewals (Years 2-20) = $100,000
After 5 years = $500,000 retirement annuity

Sell THREE a day:
Lifetime Renewals (Years 2-20) = $150,000
After 5 years = $750,000 retirement annuity

3 – Management Income

Team building

We are not just looking for high-performing sales people – our passion is to help people build businesses of their own! We have quarterly training on exactly how to build a massively-profitable agency. We promote our new agents quickly: you can get your first promotion a few weeks after you start, and you can make partner in as little as two years.

  • We’re growing fast and allow all our new Agents to bring in new Agents from day one
  • You earn a $1,500 bonus for every Agent you refer into the agency

After you are promoted to Field Director (can even be in your first month):

  • You will earn 5% on all New Business sold by Agents you manage
  • For each Agent making a sale a day, your weekly advance would be around $200

So your monthly income would go up depending on how many active Agents you have at any given time:

ONE agent = $800 a month

THREE agents = $2,400 a month

TEN agents = $8,000 a month

Your override will increase and you can also earn lifetime renewals on your team sales by moving into our Market and Regional Director roles.

4 – Globe Life Bonus and Incentive Program


Our partnership with Globe Life gives our Agents

  • Award-winning incentives
  • Push-week cash bonuses
  • Monthly cash bonuses
  • Monthly stock grants
  • World-class international & domestic vacations
  • and more!

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