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Secure Your Future

“We do what we do to live the lives we love!”
That’s more than just a slogan with us – it’s a way of life.

Our team enjoys:

  • Advanced pay schedule- $55,000-$100,000k+ first year potential
  • LIFETIME renewal income: vested for life starts after 2 years and 100% after only 5 years
  • 4 free company trips per year (bring your family)
  • Leadership and management positions immediately available for the right person
  • FREE LEADS to existing clients with more needs
  • Cash bonuses and FREE STOCK for growing your business! (TMK traded on NYSE)
  • Agency Ownership track for qualified Team Leaders

Watch our Career Webinar

Take 20 minutes and learn about our career. After going over the good, bad, and ugly of what we do, you’ll know with 100% clarity if this is the right path for you.

WorkFORCE exclusively markets Family Heritage products for small business owners and families.

We give our clients cold, hard cash when they go through cancer, heart problems, accidents and hospitalizations – keeping them from the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the USA: Medical Bills

Make a Difference

Think about it – it’s really expensive to get sick these days.

Even when you get a little sick (let’s say you go to the doctor for the flu), you’re going to come out of pocket a little bit. But when something catastrophic happens, the costs can be astronomical – making Medical Bills the #1 reason for Bankruptcy in America.

Our coverage pays money directly to our clients when they go through serious medical problems like Cancer, Heart Disease, Accidents, and Hospitalizations. They can use that money to pay their bills, for uncovered medical procedures, or for literally anything they want.

The best part of all – if they don’t use the insurance, they get 100% of their premiums back for retirement! It’s a true WIN-WIN; they can’t lose.

Be Recognized

Our Agents are rewarded with award winning incentives, bonuses and World Class international & domestic vacations. A wide range of recognition programs create an exciting, performance-based program that is designed to reward you for your hard work. You will participate in our exciting weekly incentive programs, monthly cash bonuses, and spectacular lifetime achievement awards.

Earn What You’re Worth

Here, you will finally be paid what you are worth. Full commission is common in the insurance industry; making us some of the highest paid career professionals in all of sales. Our sales and management professionals take advantage of the fact that there is no limit to the amount they can earn. Last year, our full-time Agents earned between $50,000 to over $400,000. Our Team Leaders and Agency Owners earn far more. You’ll find our compensation program is second-to-none across our industry. Generous performance bonuses along with incentives and trips make for serious income potential and financial stability for you and your family.

Get Paid For Life

Are you still getting paid by a company you no longer work with? Unlike other careers, our family of sales professionals create lifetime earnings. Each policy will pay a first year commission, and will pay renewal commissions each year it remains in force. Once you’re vested, you will continue to receive renewal earnings for a lifetime, regardless of your future affiliation with WorkFORCE. The generational wealth created by those earnings provides an income stream for your future and that of your heirs.

Lead Your Team

People with leadership qualities thrive here. There is no required time limit before you can begin recruiting and leading people. While our sales professionals make a very lucrative income, recruiting and leading people adds significantly to your income opportunity. When you start building your team, you will be awarded company stock in Family Heritage’s parent company, Torchmark (NYSE: TMK), for recruiting and training new Agents.

Own Your Own Business

We offer an ownership opportunity second to none.

Think of Family Heritage as the NFL. The NFL is the governing body over multiple independently owned teams (Cowboys, Texans, Steelers, Chiefs, Patriots, etc.). Each football team has the freedom to create a culture within but all teams represent the product produced by the NFL.

Family Heritage is represented around the country by several independently owned and operated agencies like ours. Each agency began with an Agent who decided to climb the ladder to the top. You can be promoted to owner of your own agency in as little as 2-3 years with the right focus and activity! We’ll cover our Career Path in more detail through the interview process, and work to implement it with you as you grow your business.

Take The Initiative

We offer you more than just a job. The income and flexibility our business provides allows you the opportunity to create the lifestyle you want.

You will have access to training and day-to-day support to provide the highest quality service to your clients while maximizing your own net worth. You will have a real opportunity to help people obtain the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have the supplemental insurance coverage that meets their needs.

If this page seems like it was written directly to you, register to watch our Career Webinar above and tell us more about yourself. We love meeting people like us!