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PHP is an IMO who claims the “sexiest compensation” for builders. It certainly is “sexier” for builders than for writing agents, that’s for sure. I’ll let their CEO explain their comp plan for himself:

While there are several components of their comp plan that open up after you’ve done enough business to be promoted 5 or 6 times, their beginning compensation is 30% for writing business and maxes out at 83%. Their CEO discloses that five people have achieved the top level at the time it was recorded.

Meanwhile, Family First doesn’t even have starting comp that low. Here’s FFL’s CEO on how they’re setup:

Bottom line: If you’re an agent getting into the business and you write $10,000 of premium, you’re going to make a $3,000 commission with PHP and you’ll make a $9,000 commission with FFL.

Would you be willing to “pay” $6,000 of your commissions to your upline now in order to potentially reap the benefits later? Or would you rather be paid ridiculously well for doing the exact same job?

The choice is yours. Request an interview with us here.

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