Kim Beckham

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What you get:

  • 9 dynamic teaching and coaching sessions held every two weeks. Classes will be taught by Kim Beckham on Zoom.
  • Dynamic problem solving that is focused on your specific challenges will lead you to breakthrough ideas for your career and life.
  • The formation of a support group of like-minded, goal-oriented leaders.

Lessons included in the course:

  • Teams may be the most important thing you ever build
  • Negotiation, the hidden essential to growing your team’s success
  • Helping your team through the good, the bad, and the ugly of decision making
  • Coaching your people to success
  • Setting effective expectations for your team
  • Mental Toughness- creating an unstoppable team
  • Helping your team to develop confidence
  • Preparing for Disaster- helping your team weather the dips and valleys
  • Training your team to manage their stress 

The cost for the leadership Course on Building Teams is only $1499 per course.

Don’t Miss It! Class Starts March 2022

Email Kim today and say “I’m in for the FFL Leadership Class!”

Here’s a testimonial from a recognized business leader who has not only participated in the class but has sent several of his employees through some of Kim’s programs:

“I have greatly benefited from participation in Kim Beckham’s “What I Know Works” Leadership Course. As an employer, I have had two manager-level employees and one-up-and coming employee participate in the program, and l look to send others in the future. I see the benefit of sending employees through Kim’s courses.

First and foremost, Kim helps create an “awareness of self” by standing with the participant and helping them see their “real self” in the mirror.

Second, he helps generate a “thoughtful view of others” by helping the participants manage others with a greater focus on understanding the needs of others.

Thirdly, Kim helps participants be more “mindful and plan-ful” of how to accomplish goals and objectives by breaking these goals down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Finally, Kim helps participants become more “purposeful and big-picture minded”. Kim helps participants create a harmonic between the details and the big picture which is the key to creating harmonic environments.

I highly recommend Kim’s training opportunities for personal or team development. If you see potential, Kim will help convert that potential into next-level leadership.”

Todd D. Buchanan, Greater Texas Capital Corporation 

Kim Beckham is …

… a highly regarded speaker, leader, coach, and lifelong learner who has been leading people to success for over 45 years.  He has led organizations as small as 10 people and as large as 1000. He is a published author and is currently working on his third book due to be published in 2022. 

Kim has a passion for the development of leaders and has a thriving coaching, and leadership training business as a John Maxwell certified coach.  He also is a sought-after speaker at corporate events. 

In addition to his work as an executive coach, he is entering the fourth year of offering a leadership training class called What I Know Works.  The class continues to grow in its fourth year due to the phenomenal results people are seeing in their professional and private lives. 

Kim has been happily married to Barbara Beckham for 47 years and they have two lovely daughters Jessica and Amanda, two fine sons-in-law, and four above-average grandchildren. 

Kim will make you think, help you dream, and teach you to believe in yourself, and make you a more effective leader.