Don’t Answer an Unasked Question

Published by Hemati on

Have you ever brought up a point, a feature or a benefit about your product or service that actually ended the sale?

If you have, you were providing answers to questions that probably would not even come up in the selling process.


Product knowledge is essential – when you’re in the process of qualifying or disqualifying a potential prospect. It’s important when it comes to competition. It is not to be used to overwhelm a prospect with information that you HOPE will trigger some magical “hot button” and cause them to buy.

Don’t create doubt in your prospects by answering their unasked questions. You are there to ask the questions and then, base on the answers, determine whether or not the answers you receive are moving the suspect to a prospect and then to a sale.

Too often we talk our prospects OUT of buying our products by giving information overload. Don’t let that happen to you.


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