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Saul Alinsky, the famous Social Justice Warrior, wrote a book in 1971 called “Rules for Radicals” in which he lists 13 tactics to use in uniting low-income communities, or “Have-Nots”, in order for them to gain – by any means necessary – social, political, legal, and economic power.

I recently discovered some agency owners at my former insurance carrier are utilizing his 13 tactics to discourage their agents from considering getting contracted with our team at Family First Life.

I’ve linked to their original document here. For those truly doing their research, I’ll answer this document point by point:

If they’re suggesting the corporate attorneys at Globe Life will attempt to seize your renewals if you ever decide to go independent, I wonder if the Globe Life corporate attorneys are comfortable with that language. It might not look too good to prospective agents on Indeed and Glass Door….
How do they measure “ON FIRE”? If we’re measuring in monetary terms, Family First has grown over 300% this year and will move over $600,000,000 in premium.
This comment seems to be aimed at Final Expense insurance – which can be classified as small ($10k-$50k) whole life policies to 55-75 year old adults. I doubt Family Heritage would call that “predatory” since they offer similar coverage levels to that same demographic.
You can tell how good any leads are by measuring how much people sell off those leads. We’re proud to have dozens of good lead sources for our agents to keep them busy closing rather than busy prospecting. If our agents want to cold-call, they’re more than welcome to never buy any leads and develop their own business on much higher commission.
I’m not sure who this agent is, but she’s welcome to come work with our team. You can visit our Stories Page to see just how “icky” of a business we run.
Couldn’t agree with this more. I’m happy to say my TRUE friendships with Family Heritage agents have flourished regardless of what insurance products we may offer our clients.
I’m happy to say – as an independent agent now – the whole industry is in a technological REVOLUTION. All that’s needed for an agent these days is a tablet and a cell phone and they can be in business anywhere, anytime. All of our carriers use web-based and mobile apps to underwrite clients right at the point of sale.
This is simply false. All our carriers are A+ rated carriers and they charge the same premium no matter what agent writes the policy. John Hancock doesn’t charge a special higher premium in order to overpay our agents and fleece their own clients. We’re able to pay a higher commission simply because we keep less of a margin on our agents.
I’m unclear on what exactly is being threatened here? “1st warning” of what? “2nd offense” of what? Certainly they’re not threatening to take away your “lifetime vested” renewals if you choose to market different products and take advantage of higher-paying commissions?
We use social media to share our wins in life with each other. Those of us who no longer sell Family Heritage would love to see posts of our friends who still sell Family Heritage making $10k+ every week. We’ll certainly keep watching for those posts.
If “guerilla tactics” refers to social media posts of real commissions being paid to real agents TODAY, they’re correct. In terms of target market, lots of companies target Middle America. The difference is, FFL agents don’t spend 80% of our time trying to find people who are interested in hearing our “pitch”. We don’t pitch at all – people ask us for help with their insurance and we help them get what they want. What could feel better than that?
Family First is a marketing company. As independent agents, we market A+ rated carriers and have no marketing agreement restricting our ability to grow our business. Many of us asked to keep our Family Heritage appointments to offer their policies where they made sense for our clients, but they choose to only work with captive agents. That’s their choice.
I actually agree with this point. With the perspective I have now, I don’t consider myself a huge success as an Family Heritage agency owner. The most my group ever did there after building for seven years was $150k/month. Compare that to my current group doing over $600k/month after only a few months with FFL. I’m the same person with the same heart and the same vision – but with a far more powerful platform to build on.
One way to “throw them a lifeline” would be to raise agents’ compensation. I know the Family Heritage platform doesn’t allow for doubling agents’ commission like the FFL platform, but agency owners could easily afford to raise agents’ commission by 10-20% across the board by eliminating unnecessary levels of “management” and taking less of an override spread. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: There are only a few agency owners at Family Heritage who move more than $300k/month in volume. Groups that size at FFL still have their leaders in the field, making their own money so their agents can be paid what they’re worth.


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