Setting Appointments

Setting Quality Appointments that Stick

If you’re going to set appointments, then you must set appointments always for that afternoon or the next day – 2 days out at most.

If you don’t then you will run into these problems:

  1. Not giving enough information and hooking the person properly before agreeing to come back at a later time  
  2. Setting appointments up 3-10 days later, where your person will generally forget that you will be there and make you reschedule or insist to just do it now and rush you or tell you they are too busy and they’re not interested.

Work your area super-tight and leverage the contacts you’re making immediately in that vicinity. If you bounce all over your area, you lose the ability to connect the dots between your prospects.

Unlike selling telecom or something – in our business, EVERYONE is a prospect, so you can work really tight and make use of all the names you’re building.

Just remember that your activity is like a steam engine – the tighter it’s concentrated, the more powerful it is. If it’s spread out, it’s no longer steam – it’s just mist. 😉

How to properly hook them and set the appointment:

  • Focus on them first
  • Immediately circumvent the busy objection
  • Give them a reason for why you are there
  • Create value with our products that resonates with them
  • Push them away
  • Set the appointment

Here’s what that typically looks like:

When the gatekeeper tells you to come back, or when the owner says “try to catch me tomorrow” – don’t just set a meeting and leave!

Instead respond with – “No problem, let me tell you what I do real quick so we can decide if it’s even worth our time, OK?” Then roll to your Elevator Pitch.

Once you have a time and day, use the 5-step follow up procedure:

  1. “OK I’ve got you in the calendar for Monday at 10:30am.”
  2. “So when we get together, we’ll definitely have an uninterrupted 20 minutes? Great.”
  3. “I’m going to send you some links so you can do your homework on us.”
  4. “Do you have anyone else who helps you with these kinds of decisions?”
  5. “OK cool – so if this is a no-brainer for your business, do you have the ability to apply for it yourself or should we have anyone else join us?”