Warm Market Buying Atmosphere

Buying Atmosphere when Presenting to your Warm Market

One of the hardest things when doing demos to your warm market (friends and family) is dealing with the procrastination objection:

“I want to think about it”

“Well, Eric, I know where to find you – I’ll give you a shout when I’m ready to get on board”

“This looks awesome! Let me run through some bills and add some things up and let you know in a couple weeks.”

We do this business for at least two reasons: 1) We want to help people and 2) we want to make money. Neither of these things happen unless we help people MAKE DECISIONS. It’s critical to set the stage for a decision to be made – and take them out of the “I’m just browsing” attitude they start the presentation with.

The way you do that is by spending an extra minute on that buying atmosphere page (Simple / Affordable / Easy Decision) – when you skim by it, they’re always going to give you the procrastination objection.

This is the no-pressure way to do it:

Taylor – that was pretty much the long part of what I show people.

The short part is 1) how they figure out how much they’re going to pay the family and 2) how much your rate would be if you wanted it.

I know we’re just having coffee here – is this the best place to go over that with you?


No problem – when should we get back together and go through the details? [Set next appointment]


Ok well let me ask you a favor. We’ve known each other awhile and I really appreciate your sitting down with me to look at this. I’m going to be showing this to all my friends over the next couple months.

The one thing I don’t want to become, is “that guy” where you run the other way when you see me at a cocktail party. LOL

So I don’t want to show this to you and have you on the fence when we’re done. This coverage isn’t expensive – and you’re gonna know whether it’s something for you or not.

So let me ask you this – if it’s not overwhelmingly a YES I NEED THIS when we’re done, just give me a big NO, OK?

That way we can get you covered or not and move on back to tequila shots the next time we see each other 🙂

Sound fair?

You can say the above in your own words, obviously. The main thing is to move them from a mindset of being educated and into a mindset of considering the coverage for themselves. When you can successfully and repeatedly do this, you’ll begin to reap huge rewards.