Ohio Licensing Steps

Upon completion of these requirements, you will be eligible to schedule your test:

Step 1: Pre-Licensing Course

The next step on the path to your new career is scheduling your Licensing Test

  • After clicking into the link above, Create an Account/ Sign Up in the top right hand corner.
    • Once logged in, you should see Schedule an Exam
    • Select Life, Accident & Health Insurance Producer for Ohio.
    • Enter Information for Eligibility Record.
    • Pay for Exam
    • Schedule an Examination
    • Immediately after scheduling, text or email me the date and time of your test.

After passing your exam, it’s time to book your fingerprinting appointment

  • This should be scheduled for as soon as possible.
  •  Be sure to keep the receipt provided to you. If NIPR doesn’t receive your fingerprints for whatever reason, you will need to provide this as proof of completion.

After you pass your test and complete your fingerprinting appointment, you will need to apply for a  License.

  • Click Individual
    • Select Social Security Number (SSN) and type that and your last name in.
    • Enter Date of Birth
  • Hit Start
    • Enter all required information in all eight sections
      • Leave Affiliations blank
    • Check out and Pay for Application
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email within 24-48hrs (typically instantly) letting you know what you’ll need to bring with you for the next step.

You can explore our Agent Welcome Center for further resources as well.