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First of all, the VP bonus is THE COOLEST thing about this opportunity, so I’m pumped for every VP to be in the game.

Secondly, the bonus is NOT paid on your entire IP volume. It is paid on your BONUSABLE premium. Here’s the link so you can break that down for yourself:

So let’s use my July numbers here as an example:

They count:
100% of Americo = $682,625.26
+ 75% of Aetna = $152,526.24
+ 75% of MOO = $312,756.08
+ 75% of Hancock = $57,244.32
+ 75% of AMAM = $58,088.55
+ 100% of GAFG = $0
+ 2.5% of Athene = $10,431.73
= $1,273,672.18 in Bonusable Premium

Next they will check my first (biggest) leg percentage. My biggest leg is FFL Ignite. They did 31% of my total business. Because that’s less than 50%, their entire volume counts – so my Bonusable Premium remains $1,273,672.18.

I don’t have any VPs at 145 direct to me yet, so the 145 bonus does not apply.

My Bonusable Premium of $1,273,672.18 qualifies for a 4% bonus = $50,946.89.

That Bonus could be reduced based on my persistency or by my Americo percentage. Americo was only 38% of my total volume, so I will only get 70% of my bonus = $35,662.82.

I was just paid my bonus from June – I received it the first week of August. The payouts are typically at the beginning of the month for the month that closed 2 months ago.

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