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Some agents prefer to work “live transfer” leads instead of calling out and setting appointments for later. A live transfer lead is qualified first through a call-center to make sure they’re really interested in getting covered today and then they’re patched directly to an agent who is waiting to help them.

Here’s an example of one of our agent’s sales just over the last 48 hours working this lead type:

Live Transfers are significantly more expensive ($60-$90/each) than regular leads ($9-$11/each), so many agents will create the best of both worlds by buying their own leads, calling them, and then going straight for an “instant appointment” or “one-call-close”.

Here’s how they do that:

  • Acknowledge that you received their request.
  • Verify info.
  • “Perfect – so we have processed your request. We are actually doing everything virtually now so we can handle this over the phone. It only takes about 10 minutes. Go ahead and grab a pen and paper so I can have you write some numbers down.” 
  • If they can’t do it then they will stop you. At that point, do not schedule an appointment. They will rarely ever show up. Just ask what time they are typically home and let them know you’ll give them a call back when you can.
  • Keep working through your leads. There’s no way you won’t be able to present/close 5+ times per day with 100 CRM leads to work with.

One of our agents wrote 26 apps over the phone last week using this exact method.

Here is their script.

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