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My friend Van Davenport, the owner of Protect 1 Family, Inc. asked me to be guest speaker on his conference call this morning.

He asked me to speak on the following:

  • How to have a strong start on a Trainmore
  • What technology tools I’ve discovered to help make the job easier
  • How to leverage the momentum from this Trainmore into a strong start to Q4 next week

After agreeing to speak, I then proceeded to sleep through all three of my alarms, leaving him high and dry.

To begin my penance, I made this make-good video for his team where I covered all of the above topics and decided make it public for all of you to learn from.

Hopefully you learn a bonus lesson from my experience: Be sure to have someone physically wake you up for your early morning commitments when you’re knee-deep in your 3-week old baby’s night feedings.

Here are the app links I reference in the video:

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Van Davenport · February 9, 2018 at 12:11 pm

Eric, this is some AMAZING content, man! THANK YOU! It actually ended up BETTER than you slept through the 3 alarms so we could get this bad ass video (that’s permanent) that we can use over and over as we bring on new “studs and studesses” (as David Sandler would call them). Thanks again and get some sleep! 😉

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