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Three ways we can work together:

Join My Agency

I have worked with hundreds of sales people nationally since 2002, and custom-tailor my sales and marketing systems to maximize the success of both newbies and veterans alike.

We protect families and business owners when they experience a critical illness or injury or even pass away unexpectedly. Life happens - we get you ready.

Put Me To Work

In addition to recruiting and working directly with insurance agents, I selectively take on projects directly related to generating top-line revenue.

Whether it's week-to-week accountability or a one-time overhaul of your sales process, I love working with salespeople and business owners who are committed to taking their revenue to the next level.

Have Me Speak

Growing companies depend on the success of their sales people - they are the life-blood of the business. Speaking topics include all stages of the cycle of sales from lead-generation to approaching to closing to live objection-handling role-playing.

If you want to supercharge the atmosphere in your sales team, I am your man and I will light the roof on fire!

I started selling in 1994 as a door-to-door “bookman” to work my way through college. I’m a serial entrepreneur and believe in Adventure, Authenticity and Integrity.

The majority of my time is invested in my insurance agency. I got my insurance license in 2002 and have spent my career protecting families, employees and business owners – and teaching my agents how to become financially independent doing the same thing.

I mentor my agents into team leaders and ultimately agency owners if they choose. The people I work with have a past track-record of success, an entrepreneur mentality, a positive outlook on life, and insist on getting paid what they’re worth.

We offer an unfair advantage that sets our organization apart from just about everyone else:

A System That Works

Our sales system is proven successful when you follow what we teach you.

What Clients Say

Van Davenport

Van Davenport

Agency Owner

Eric was the catalyst for and directly collaborated on sales tools our $300 million company uses with its salesforce every day.

I don’t use the term “genius” flippantly, but when it comes to analysis, a fresh perspective and effective implementation of ideas and solutions, Eric is one of the best I’ve ever met and a true change agent. You could waste a lot of time and money trying other options… Or you could walk a proven path and hire Eric now.

Dan Janjigian

Dan Janjigian

Agency Owner

Eric is the hands down the best networker I've ever met. I fought to hire him on as a sales and business development consultant, and he quickly showed his value by creating strategic partnerships and executing proposals within just a few weeks.

Eric is able to create new opportunities from scratch, while still remaining personable and real. He can generate new business, understanding the marketing needs necessary to push forward.

John Wayne Southerland

John Wayne Southerland

Agency Owner

If you could create a word that combines selfless, leader, and guru into a single word, the word would be Hemati.

I've worked alongside Eric since 2009 and he has helped me grow personally as a leader and professionally as a business owner. He is one of the most knowledgeable and insightful businessmen I've been privileged to work with, and his dedication to excellence is personified in the way he treats others around him.

Brandon Green

Brandon Green

Financial Advisor

I have been in sales my entire career and direct sales for over ten years. Eric is one of the top three direct salespeople I have ever seen. His continuous commitment to the study of his craft allows him to not only excel at sales, but whatever he puts his mind to including management and negotiation.

Eric is a team player and combines out of the box thinking with a winning attitude to ensure organizational success.

Rudy Pamintuan

Rudy Pamintuan

International Executive

Eric combines the forefront of technology with his deep and extensive background in marketing to offer brilliant strategy and implementation for any marketing initiative an organization may wish to implement.

His strategic approach will ensure a strong plan and his leadership to deliver solutions will ensure results. Eric is highly recommended — a professional with great enthusiasm and passion — someone you will need if you’re serious about success.

Dave Whichard

Dave Whichard

Agency Owner

I highly recommend Eric, he is the best at so many things. I respect him and love his energy for life. He has a passion for helping others and making a difference. If you have an opportunity to work with him or have him help you or your company, take advantage of it!

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