Getting Started

As with everything in the insurance business, becoming an agent involves a bit of paperwork. All these steps must be completed in their entirety before we can start selling.

Review the New Agent Calendar to see the timeline for everything below

Step 1: Get Licensed

Each state has their own licensing steps: (If your state is not listed, click here)

Step 2: Get Contracted

  • Get the FFL pricing on your E&O Coverage HERE:
  • Follow up with each carrier in 5 business days after your contract status has changed to “Carrier” 
    1. Verify they have all your contracting paperwork and that there are no outstanding requirements. 
    2. Carrier contact info can be found HERE
    3. Keep an eye on your email box for important messages and appointment confirmation from the carriers.
    4. Make sure to look in your SPAM and Promotional folder of your email.

Step 3: Get Connected to our Team and Complete Agent Bootcamp