Your Coverage Options

There are so many options out there!

Having life insurance is a no-brainer, but what kind? Here we have quote engines for two of the most-requested options:

  1. TERM – This kind of insurance will last for a certain number of years and then stop. At the end of the term, some carriers will give you your premium back if you didn’t use the coverage. Our clients love this because they can get a larger death benefit for less money every month.
  2. FINAL EXPENSE – This kind of insurance is really popular with our clients over 50. It’s permanent coverage, so once they take you on as a client, they can never get rid of you unless you decide to get rid of them first. It’s perfect when you’re wanting to put something in place you’ll never outlive.

Whichever type makes the most sense for you, most of the time we recommend a policy with living benefits you can use while you’re alive. The costs of medical emergencies can be astronomical – making Medical Bills one of the biggest reasons for Bankruptcy in America.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We were surprised and somewhat shocked when a representative came to our door and handed us a Return of Premium check for the amount of premiums paid in over the years. It really did happen!

– Terry J.

I want to say that I was thankful that we had our Accident Policy when we received $2,100. This is paid prompt. We will keep this policy. Thank you for being there when we needed this coverage.

– Leotha D.

When we signed up I was looking at this monthly payment as a type of savings account. I really didn’t think that I would get cancer. After all, I go to the doctor annually for checkups. Then, I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer, I had no idea what I was facing. After several surgeries, numerous doctor visits and trips to Corpus Christi for lab work, chemo treatments and weeks of daily radiation, thankfully I have been told that I am in remission. I still have 5 years of doctor visits, lab work and chemo medication, but it is nothing compared to what I have been through.

With the cost of gasoline over $3.00 a gallon, eating out on all those trips and health insurance co-pays, we were dwindling what money we were saving for our retirement. I even applied with several organizations just for gas money. I was denied by all. I cannot tell you how fortunate enough we were to have this insurance. They saved us from a lot of our financial worries.

I can still remember thinking that I would never get cancer. Not so anymore. After meeting all the patients, it has shown me that it can happen to anyone.

– Cecilia A.

When I invested in this plan 20 years ago I hoped I would never have to use it. Unfortunately, I had been diagnosed with cancer. I am very thankful for the courteous and quick response to my claim with payment to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses. It has given me financial relief and some peace of mind during this difficult time in my life.

– Rebecca G.

Having had cancer twice, this was a God send for us. The checks come directly to us and very timely. The money has helped so, at a real tough time to keep our heads above water. It’s so important to be covered for these things – believe me it can happen to anyone.

– Larry J.

We were very pleased with this coverage when my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer. When I called about filing our claim, they were so helpful and kind. The length of time was extremely short once they received the paperwork they needed. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you for being there when we needed you!

– Vanessa L.

We signed up for cancer insurance thinking we would never need it but 6 months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This has been a God send, payments are made promptly and customer service is outstanding! Without these supplemental checks, we would be in financial disaster. God does work in mysterious ways!

– Patricia S.