Agent Downloads

On this page are a wide variety of selling tools and resources. Some of these are useful to show the client, and some are useful to help you find the right product for them. Below is the breakdown of each attachment: 

Cheat Sheets: These can be used to quickly find the right products for a client. 

  • Combo Cheat Sheet: This is a quick reference guide for common health issues and our Top Carrier products in both Mortgage Protection and Final Expense.
  • Final Expense Cheat Sheet: This has eleven carriers on it and is specifically for Final Expense. This was updated in 2020.
  • Final Expense Condition Sheet: This grid sheet starts with the condition and you can scan across to see what each carrier offers. This is much more comprehensive.
  • Term Condition Cheat Sheet: This is a grid sheet comparing conditions to Term Products.
  • Social Security: This uses Age and Life Expectancy to approximate Funeral & Burial costs.

Client Handouts: These can be used to cement the sale you’ve just made 

  • I Am Your Policy: This is a great tool to print off on a half sheet of paper and include in the policy folder you give each client. Everytime they go back and look at their policy this will remind them why they bought it in the first place.
  • Accepted App: This can also be included in that folder to give clients an idea of what to expect in the coming week, and create an opportunity for further sales. It should be opened and personalized with your info before printing.
  • Client Profile: Half for you, Half for them. Quickly details exactly what they just bought.
  • Refusal of Coverage: This is for folks who insist that they don’t want your help. Just makes it more official of a refusal, and can often lead to sitting down with the client, which is the goal.

Visual Aids for Clients: These are docs that you can have laminated, or in a binder to help clients visualize what you’re explaining to them. This will help to close the sale. 

  • Final Expense Benefits Whole Life Sheet: Great visual for clients to see what a Whole Life policy through us can provide for them.
  • Credibility Sheet: This is part of the same file as the Financial Inventory, but is useful all on its own. It shows the logos of a lot of our carriers which helps our clients understand that we are very reputable AND that we do the shopping for them.

In-Home Agent Documents: These are documents you need in each home. These are the basics and not a comprehensive list, so pay attention to what Bootcamp mentions and download any other docs you need! 

  • Financial Inventory: This is what you use to learn about your client and determine what products would be best for them. Also where you can uncover opportunities for a potential annuity opportunity.
  • Client Worksheet: A different version of the Financial Inventory
  • FEX In-Home Pres Sheet: This is specifically for Final Expense, and is a visual aid that your client can keep. It will aid you in explaining the options.

Dialing Documents: Dial Day necessities.