Who is Eric Hemati?

Every time I go to someone’s website, I wonder “Who are these people?” so I want to take a minute and let you get to know me better.

I have been in sales and business development since 1994 – beginning as a door-to-door “bookman” to work my way through college and have applied my sales and leadership skills in distribution, entertainment, technology and finance. I’m a serial entrepreneur and put a high value on Fun, Adventure, and Authenticity.

A large chunk of my time is invested in my insurance agency. I’ve had my insurance license since 2003 and work with multiple carriers to find the absolute best coverage options for my clients.

My mission is to mentor the agents I work with into full-fledged agency partners. The people I work with are outgoing, have a past track record of success, an entrepreneur mentality, a positive outlook on life, and are committed to getting paid what they’re worth.

We offer something that sets our organization apart from just about everyone else:

A System that works. Our sales system is proven to be successful as long as you follow what we teach you.

Use this calendar to get some phone time with me personally and find out what I believe makes our company so special.

Join our Tribe – we do what we do to live the lives we love!

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Eric Hemati