New Agent Calendar

This page lays out a framework for agents to transition from a newly licensed agent to a consistently producing field agent. 

Step 1:  Agent Licensing (One Week)

Agent studies to pass their insurance license exam to be able to sell insurance.

Cost: Around $150 for state-administered fingerprints, background check, and application.

Step 2: Contracting (One Week)

Agent will complete HCMS profile and request appointments through SureLC from the various carriers we represent.

Step 3: New Agent Bootcamp (concurrent with contracting week)

Agent learns how to gather prospect information, schedule demonstrations, demonstrate the product and generate their own business. 

Step 4: Buying and Dialing Leads (after Bootcamp is complete)

Begin calling leads to set 25-30 appointments/week. This will lead to 15-20 presentations per week and 3-7 clients per week.