Approaching Businesses by Phone

The most important thing about this script is you want to stay in the same industry so that the names you use will work better. You want to have a few notables names of clients that you use. In this example we’ll use construction:

If you don’t know the name of the Owner:

Good morning, (name if they give it when they answer the phone) – is the the location on _____ street?

Great! I need some help with a question I have.

My partners and I work with a lot of the construction owners here in town like Randy Crooks and Chad Decker. Who is the owner of _______? (this is a direct question but if you have the attitude that you know all the owners in town, it works)

If (owner’s name) is in the office, I’d like to tell him what I do for Randy and Chad and see if he would be interested in meeting with me or having lunch? (If they are not in, try to find a good time to reach them and get their email address – you can pop by the next day and catch them.)

When you get the Owner on the phone:

Hi (Name), this is Lambert, don’t rack your brain – we haven’t met yet – but we work with a lot of the local construction business owners. Do you know Chad Decker? Ok so you know Randy Crooks and Randy Mcintrye and all those guys, right?

So what we do for those guys is save them a ton of money on their taxes and create an additional revenue stream for them if something happens to them personally, since they are so vital to their business.

What Randy likes is not only does he save money on his self-employment, FICA, Social Security, and Medicaid taxes, but it also sets him up with an additional retirement account because all the money he puts in comes back to him if he doesn’t end up needing to use it.

Obviously I don’t like to assume this is right for you and I don’t know if you would even qualify, but I figured you’d like to know what your options were. When is typically a good time to catch you for 15-20 minutes – in the mornings or later in the afternoon?

If they ask, “Is this like insurance?”

Don’t you already have a bunch of insurance? “(let them respond)

Exactly, and I’m guessing none of your insurance sounds anything like what I just described. Randy told me this was completely different and like nothing he had ever looked at before. I have a few meetings near you today so that is why I called – to see if you had some time for me to come by and explain it to you this morning or later this afternoon. Which works best for you?