Demo, Price Buildup & Close


There’s nothing special about the demo. Hit a few of the benefits that map most closely with the story they told you in the beginning and take their temperature a few times to make sure they’re with you.

Match your pacing to their personality style. Most business owners are “Just the facts, ma’am” kind of people. If you get that vibe, there’s no reason to go through every word on every benefit – make sure they understand what the policies do and don’t do, but don’t linger over every word. Don’t hurry your pacing, but cover in less detail and ask:

“Have you seen enough or do you need to see more?” if they’re indicating they “get it”.

On the other hand, some people are very analytical – especially watch for this if the owner asks you to come back in your Buying Atmosphere and meet with a trusted advisor like their CPA, wife, husband, financial advisor, etc. With more detail-oriented people, always check to see if you’re going too fast and offer to slow down if they have questions.

If you’ve setup the frame in which the products fit well, and done a good buying atmosphere before rolling into the demo, the close shouldn’t be a big deal. You should assume they’re ready to fill out an application if they haven’t stopped you along the way and told you they’re just not interested for whatever reason.

After summarizing at the end (and before the pricing), say:

“I’ll check here real quick to see what the ballpark rates are for you and see if you qualify – but before I do that, tell me what stood out to you most as an Entrepreneur? Is it the amount of money they pay you? That it all comes to you to use as you see fit for your business? Or the fact that you can deduct it as a business expense and still get all your money back for retirement?”

Then shut up and listen to what they say! If they’re really expressive, even ask them to elaborate if you feel they’re into it with questions like

“How would that make a difference in your business?” Or “Tell me more about that.”

If they’re super business-like and to the point, you can very deliberately agree by saying,

“Yeah – I hear that a lot from my clients.”

Price Buildup

You can NOT forget this part. You’re about to lay a premium package down for them, so you need to put it in context! This is one of the biggest errors new agents make.

Pull out a blank sheet of paper and a pen say, “You know, one of the reasons we have so many clients is because of how affordable the coverage is compared to everything else a business pays for. For example – how much do you spend on your personal health insurance?

OK and that $900/month, is that for just you or for your whole family? Got it. And if you never use it, that’s just $10,000 a year you’re flushing down the toilet, right? See, what my clients love about this coverage is that it’s a fraction of that and it’s completely refundable if nothing ever happens.”

So let’s see here – if you maxed out your coverage and got the most they would give you, it would be around $495/month – or if you could pick out a lower rate that perfectly fits your budget. It’s super flexible.


Close with,

“I’ll pull up the application and see what you can qualify for, but if you were going to apply, around where would you want your rate to be?”

Once they settle on a rate, the rest is a formality. Respond with, “OK, let’s see what they’re going to let you do.” and go into the application process.


What everyone loves is how easy it is to, Becky, apply.

Used to be, we had to fill out a health questionnaire, mail in an application, the company would look it over and decide whether to take you or not – it would be a couple weeks before you even knew if you had coverage.

BUT NOW, I can plug in your information on my iPad here and we can KNOW whether or not they’re going to take you right here at your table. Isn’t that cool?

[Tell them what you’re doing step by step]

First, what’s your email address? OK, they’re going to want a bit of health history. OK, now some demographics.

[Don’t say they qualify UNTIL you’re on the pricing screen]

OK, moment of truth here – let’s see what they say… FANTASTIC! They’re totally going to let you, Becky, apply for this.

Grab your checkbook for me real quick.