In & Out B2B Approach, Demo, Close

Step 1: Know what you’re looking for

  • Small businesses with 3-30 employees
  • Research the dangers and risks that are associated with the employees daily job

Step 2: Have a game plan of the policies you will talk about

  • If you’re using a tablet, bring it in
  • If you’re using paper, leave demo book inside the car
    • Have the brochure of the policy you intend to talk about
    • Insert the app inside of that brochure
      • When it’s time to close the deal you will not have to fumble around looking for the app, it’s already there


Step 4: Approach

Does not matter if you are speaking with the manager, owner or an employee – say the following:

  • Hi I’m Eric – I work with Refundable Coverage and it’s been my job to talk to all the small businesses in the area about what we do”
  • Ask 3 questions:
    • How many employees are here today?
    • Do they have health insurance?
    • If you yourself couldn’t work for 2-6 weeks how would that affect your family?
      • Whatever their answer, your response is “PERFECT – THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I’M HERE

Step 5: Demo

  • Do a quick run down of benefits and stay EXCITED while doing so
  • Find out what really hit home and what they liked about it the most
  • Ask them why and agree that their reason makes sense
  • REMEMBER – Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. So even though time is of the essence, get to know them briefly during this process and stay professional!!!

Step 6: Price

  • VERY IMPORTANT: When it comes to price ask them if they get paid weekly or bi-weekly. Then break the price down to their pay period. This will let them know how much they need to set aside each check to pay their monthly premium.
  • Just like any other demo let them pick the level of coverage.
  • It’s a good idea to have your price sheet at easy access on either your phone or iPad so you can toggle back and forth to your calculator.

Step 7: Close.

  • Use the ROP as part of your close: “The biggest reason why all of the other employees are jumping on board is because if you never use our insurance we return EVERY DIME YOU PAID IN.
  • Ask this one question: “If you knew every dollar you paid in was coming back to your family if you stayed healthy, what would you want them to spend the money on?
  • Your response: “That’s awesome, I’d probably want the same.
  • ASSUME THE SALE!!!!  Ask for drivers license and start filling out the app.
  • Once you get this process down, it should only take about 10-15 minutes to get from beginning to end.

Step 8: Set a policy-review appointment for 3 weeks from now

  • Tell them you want to go over what the company promises them and exactly how to use the coverage when they need it.
  • If possible, set that appointment at their home so you can meet their spouse, demo more policies to them together, and get referred more places.

Step 9: Ask for referrals and build your network