Residential Approaching

Tips on Opening

  • Don’t park and walk. We don’t go “door-to-door”. With the exception of our first house ever, we go from people we know (or just met!) to other people they told us about.
  • Don’t approach empty homes. Only go where you can see cars or a front door open.
  • Pull right up in their driveway as close to the door as you can get. Like they’re expecting you. You want anyone looking out windows to know you belong there.
  • Lickety split – hustle to that door like you belong. The last one to get to the door, loses!
  • If possible after you knock, find something to lean against. It makes you look a lot more casual. A porch post, a bannister, a step you can put your foot on, etc.
  • Don’t look at the door while you wait – and act surprised when they ask “Can I help you?”


Smile! And open with a micro-joke:

“You scared me!”
“Whoa! Is that your guard dog??”
“Oh! I didn’t mean to sneak up on ya!”
“Whoa! You’re huge!” (only to men, obviously!!)

Ask a question they must answer:

“Are you the lady of the house?”
“Are you the man of the house?”
“Are you Billy?”
“Are you Jesse’s mom?”

Psychologically, once they answer even with a “Yup” or “No – that’s the next house over” you’re officially in a conversation. This shifts the approach from me talking AT you to me and you having a chat.  This is critical and the most overlooked thing about successful opening.

First Approach

OK Great! (if I’m at the right house – OR “No worries” if I’m at the wrong one).

I’m Eric (pat your chest). They’ve got me out here in Magnolia for the next couple of weeks catching up with everyone about protecting their mortgage. (You’re not “going around” – you’ve been assigned here)

I was just leaving Billy’s next door and saw your car in the driveway so I figured I’d come introduce myself. (You’re there for a specific reason – not just wandering around trying to catch random people that were unlucky enough to be home when you knocked)

I’m sorry to be in such a rush (tap your watch) but I’ve got to sit down with 10 families today so I can only stay 7 or 8 minutes.

Do you have a place we can sit down?

Break eye contact, point inside and wipe feet while standing in place. DO NOT move toward them or look at them until they answer.

Second Approach (Regardless of the objection)

Oh!? Have you not heard about what we’re doing out here? (Incredulous)

OK no worries – like I said I’m Eric – they’ve got me out here for the next couple weeks, sitting down with everyone for a few minutes about protecting their mortgage.

I know it’s not the most pleasant subject, but it seems like it’s affected almost everyone I’ve talked to today – you probably know people who’ve dealt with people not being able to keep their homes if they go through cancer, heart attack, stroke or God-forbid … pass away? (Nod head)

Right – that’s why I’m here. Do you have a place we can sit down? (Wipe feet again)

Third Approach – (Otherwise known as the Residential Elevator Pitch)

I gotcha. I’ll tell you what we’re doing real quick and you tell me if it’s worth your time.

We have these programs that pay off your house if you pass away AND pay your bills – NOT the doctor or the hospital, but your bills around here (gesture toward the house) when you go through something like cancer, heart disease or something serious.

What everyone loves is that they give you all your money back  if you don’t need them.

Not everyone qualifies for that, obviously, so that’s why they’re paying me: to sit down with everyone for about 7 or 8 minutes, see if they like it and see who qualifies.

Do you have a place we can sit down? (Wipe feet one last time)

Get Pre-Approach

No worries – I enjoyed meeting you! Thanks for putting up with me for a few minutes; you’re awesome 🙂 (High-five if they look up for it – it’s great for any watching neighbors)

Can you help me out with my map? (show them your pre-approach map)

I get paid to talk to as many people as I can so I’m trying to be really good with my time.

Who can I catch right around you right now? (Find the nearest house with a car and point at it) Are those folks home right now? Who do I ask for there? (Load up on names)

I really appreciate the help! It saves me so much time, you have no idea. (They don’t!)

(Point at your car in the driveway) That’s my silver Batmobile – if you see me bouncing around the neighborhood, throw up your hand and wave, OK? See ya!

Common Objections and Quick Rebuttals

Is this insurance?

You have insurance? Through work? Blue Cross? OK perfect. This is totally different. Like I said it takes about 7 or 8 minutes – can we sit down somewhere?

I can’t afford anything.

Who said it cost anything?? 😉 But seriously – my job is just to see who qualifies and get the word out. You have a place we can sit down?

I’m in the middle of cooking dinner

Of course you are! Smells good too – tell you what: I’ll sit at the kitchen counter and fill you in while you watch the stove. Is it safe to come in?

I’m in the middle of putting the kids down

Thank God! Those little hooligans running you ragged? Tell you what – I work until about 830 or 9. Why don’t I come back when they’re down and I can run you through it in about 7 or 8 minutes. OR – I could just knock it out really quick right now… What’s better for you?

I don’t talk to door to door salespeople

Of course not – who does that!? Obviously you haven’t heard what we’re doing out here. I just finished with Billy next door and you’re next. (Then 3rd approach)

We’re all totally healthy – none of us are sick

Good! (Then look slightly bewildered) But why did you tell me that?? (Then – regardless of their response…) Ohhhh. OK so you really have no idea what we’re doing out here, do you? OK … (then do 3rd approach)

I don’t want to talk about it

(With a serious, empathetic face) I totally understand. I’ll cross you off the list. It’s really a horrible subject isn’t it??
I’m guessing someone close to you had to deal with that recently? Who?
See – that’s why they have me out here. (3rd Approach)

I’m all covered at work

Oh terrific! I’ll cross you off the list. (Make a mark on your pre-approach pad)
Just out of curiosity – where do you work? Who do they give you for health insurance? Do they offer any of those extra plans? Like AFLAC?


That’s great; AFLAC is terrific. Disability? Or dental? Cancer?

AFLAC is designed to go along with your work health insurance so you don’t have to worry about your co-pays and deductibles if you get cancer.

What we do is totally different – we actually pay off your house if you pass away AND pay your bills when you’re going through these crazy diseases. Not everyone qualifies for this, obviously … you have a couple minutes so we can check you out?


Gotcha. So we know the doctors are going to get taken care of if you get sick.

But who’s going to pay your bills if you can’t work for 3-6 months or even a year when you go through something serious – or pay off your house if you die?

That’s what we do. Not everyone qualifies, obviously … you have a couple minutes so we can check you out?