Your Schedule

Your schedule is so important – it enables you to have a successful day, and build a success-mentality, regardless of the premium you’ve collected on a given day. The cornerstone of your schedule is scheduling 30 appointments every week.

To make that happen, you should contact 30 people per day. That could be

  • Contacting a referral over the phone
  • Walking into a business and asking to speak to the owner
  • Walking across the street from a client’s house and introducing yourself to the neighbors.

Every agent is different. Some have a vast network of contacts that they can tap into immediately to make those 30 contacts every day. Others build their business by “Dropping In” to introduce themselves to new people until they’ve built up a referral network of their own.

Discipline is the key to success!

If you only remember ONE THING from this section – commit to booking 5-6 appointments every day. Every 5 contacts should result in 1 appointment set.

You should also be reaching out to everyone you know – book appointments with them and show them what you do. Your intention isn’t necessarily to sell them, but rather to see if there’s a need, and regardless to ask for referrals.

Go to 2 networking groups per week over your first 90 days before settling into a group.

Keep focused on these basic numbers and you’ll succeed:

  • 30 real-time contacts per day
  • 5 full working days per week
  • 30 appointments per week
  • 10 referrals collected per day
  • Daily stats entered into our website every evening
  • Next day Pre-call planning done every evening
  • Google Calendar updated every Sunday
  • 100% attendance at all meetings and conference calls