Onboarding Steps

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Here are our onboarding steps – they’re super simple and they’ll give you a lot more control over the process:

  1. Verify your new agent has their license. It’ll show up on the state website. In TX, for example you can go right here: https://txapps.texas.gov/NASApp/tdi/TdiARManager
  2. Once they have their license, enter them into our contracting site – http://fflusacontracting.com/tribe/ – at that site you can set their contract level and their direct upline
  3. Once you enter them into the contracting site, the system will automatically create a welcome email directing them to our SuranceBay system here – http://fflusacontracting.com/tribe-welcome/ – where they can setup their profile and request their appointments. 
  4. Direct them to http://fflvelocity.com/welcome/ and get them plugged into our FB group, Slack group, email blasts and conference calls. Get them enrolled and started on Bootcamp on this page as soon as they’ve requested their contracts. 

Give Ariel a shout on Slack @Ariel Zimmerman if you get stuck – she helps with onboarding new agents for the Tribe and affiliated agencies. 

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