We give our clients cold, hard cash when they experience a death in the family or go through cancer, heart problems, accidents, and hospitalizations – so they can forget the money and concentrate on what’s most important: moving forward.

Our policies have benefits for businesses and working families – keeping funds coming in while you are dealing with unexpected costs from an illness, injury, or death.

Options for Everyone

What is Refundable Coverage?

What if you don’t end up needing the coverage you buy? Shouldn’t you get your premium back?

Many of our policies are refundable or offer you access to what you’ve invested if you do not use the coverage. Don’t you wish all your insurance worked like that?

Most people don’t realize their largest expenses during illnesses are not their medical costs, but the indirect costs that your medical insurance will not cover.

What are those indirect costs?

– Loss of income and savings
– Living expenses
– Insurance limitations
– Travel to get the best treatment possible
– In-home care
– Child care

Do you have enough in savings to pay your deductibles? Or to pay your other bills once your out-of-pocket limits are reached? If you don’t, our affordable options provide critical financial protection you don’t have to die to use.

Do You Love Your Job?

If you have high integrity, are competitive, driven and committed to excellence in your life, we invite you to watch our career overview. You’ll know in 20 minutes if this is the right path for you.