Career Overview

This 20-minute video covers the good, bad and ugly of our career and will give you solid picture of what it’s like to work with us. If you’re excited to move forward, request an interview time here:

5 Reasons Agents Choose Us:

1. HIGHEST COMPENSATION: Highest compensation in the industry. Starting at 90%, and ability to earn up to 130% without recruiting anyone and 145% if you’re leading a team. PLUS Bonuses on top of that.

2. TOP TRAINING: Best Training in the industry from active top producers teaching what is making them so successful. We will help you become the smartest agent in the field.

3. FRESH LEADS: Direct Mail Mortgage, Internet, Final Expense, Medicare, and Annuity leads

4. NO FEES: No costs for Training. No costs for your back office. No costs for training events or the Annual Convention. Plus Free license training for new agents. 

5. VESTED RENEWALS: Fully Vested Renewals From Day One and we do not make you sign a contract.