4 Prospecting Tips From Grant Cardone

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FROM THE DESK OF GRANT CARDONE:  When in comes to prospecting, many people have the problem of running out of creative ways to stay in touch with people.  I want to show you endless creative ways to get attention and stay in front of people and keep making yourself known.  You must have lots of varied ways to continue to prospect the same people.  There are many ways once you commit, but you have to get all in on it.  I’ve said this a thousand times, but creativity follows commitment.  If you’re not finding yourself very creative right now, you have a commitment problem.

There is no protocol or etiquette for you to follow here—the only wrong thing for you to do is not follow up and quit prospecting.  How to have creative variety in your prospecting?

4 Prospecting Tips From Grant Cardone

1.Your Power Base—Make a call to your power base. I’m talking about friends, family, customers, school mates, past employers, and past relations. Everyone has a power base. A guy who beat me up years ago is on that list. Just because he beat me up when I was 18 doesn’t mean he won’t buy a product from me 20 years later. Even enemies are part of my existing power base.

A power base is not something that stays one size. Throughout your life, it should have expanded bigger. I know people who have just 3 friends. You should have thousands of friends. Your power base will grow or cease to grow depending on how much attention you give it. Remember your power base has the word “power” in it—because it gives you power. You want to grow it and increase the quality of it as time goes on…

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