Approaching Referrals

How to Follow Up with Referrals by Phone

Hi, is this Sarah? Awesome! Sarah, this is Eric Hemati. Scarlett Green asked me to catch up with you. How do you and Scarlett know each other?

Wait for them to respond – it can be positive, neutral or even negative, depending on the quality of the referral.

Well, the reason she asked me to call you is because Scarlett is a client of mine. She told me you _________ for a living and thought you MIGHT like what I do for her.

Wait for them to ask what you do for her – you don’t want to just throw words at them.

Well, I’m glad you asked! (jokingly) I handle some of Scarlett’s insurance for her – but what I do is really unusual. I work a lot with people who __________ and she wanted me to make sure you knew about it.

(Don’t stop here – keep right on going) The coverage I set her up with pays off her mortgage if she dies, can put thousands of dollars into her account on a monthly basis if something serious happens medically. She can use that money for whatever she needs – her bills, mortgage, travel, anything. AND it’s 100% refundable – if she never needs the coverage, the insurance company refunds all her premium when she retires.

Sarah, I don’t like to assume that this is going to be the right fit for you, and I’m not sure this is going to line up with what you need. I’m not calling to sell you anything. Scarlett made me promise that I’d make time to show this to you. She said that she had no idea if you’d end up getting this for yourself, but she said that she was 100% sure that you would take a look at anything that could potentially benefit your family. Is that pretty accurate?

Again, wait for their response. You want to see if they’re on the same page before you try to set an appointment. If there are objections, you can handle them with these answers.

Perfect. I’m going to be in (name of area) tomorrow and the next day and can swing by for 15 minutes and show you what I do. If you like it . . . great, and if not . . . that’s OK too. But I definitely want to keep my promise to Scarlett and make sure you get to see what your options are.

What would be better, first thing in the morning or after work?

OK, great! Do you keep a calendar? Could you go ahead and write me in while I’m doing the same? Here’s my cell number – do me a favor and shoot me a text if anything changes on your end, OK?

OK, that’s ___ on ___. See you then 🙂