Approach Objections

“I’m busy – just send me an email.”

Everyone will tell you they are busy. Who isn’t? The important thing is to hold your ground! You need to fight for these beginnings. Remember you’re not selling yet – you’re deciding if this prospect is even worth your timeYour response to this will change slightly depending on if they’re hooked on what you do or not:

I can certainly do that. What email address should I use? (Get email) So I don’t bombard you with a whole bunch of info – what specifically do you want more information on?

If they don’t have an answer

I see. Jim, you seem like a no-nonsense kind of person; can I just be up-front with you? Typically, when someone asks for an email and have no idea what I do, they’re really just trying to get rid of me 🙂 Is that what’s going on here? Because this isn’t necessarily for everyone… Why don’t I take 2 minutes to tell you what I do and then you can decide if we should keep talking or not?

Then give them your Elevator Pitch.

If they know what they want more information about

Yeah everyone likes that part. I will send you a brief email recapping what we just talked about and some links that you can click on about our company and products.

While you look that over, I’m sure your schedule is probably even crazier than mine. Why don’t we pencil in 15 minutes in the next day or two so we can both get it off our plates. Do you keep your calendar on outlook or on your phone like I do? (Shut up and look at your phone calendar)

“I am not interested” … or “The owner would not be interested.”

This needs to be said in rapid succession:

I understand; I’ll let you go then – I appreciate your time. Let me ask you a quick question: How long have you been in business?

Whatever they give as a response this needs to immediately follow:

Wow that’s awesome! And I bet you have a great reputation?

Then if I referred someone to you they would be in good hands, am I right?

Well if I’m going to refer my clients to you, wouldn’t it make sense to sit down with me for 10 minutes to tell me a little bit about your business and who is a good client for you? I meet with 20 people a day I am bound to run into someone who could use your business.

Meanwhile if you want to see what I do and who is a good client for me, I’ll show you.

Does that seem fair?

“I’m not interested” or “I’m all covered at work”

Oh terrific! I’ll cross you off the list. Just out of curiosity – where do you work? Who do they give you for life insurance? Do they offer any of those extra plans? Like AFLAC?


That’s great; AFLAC is terrific. Disability? Or dental? Cancer?

[If YES on Cancer] Why did you take that out? I see. Well it was smart to get that! AFLAC is designed to go along with your work health insurance so you don’t have to worry about your co-pays and deductibles if you get cancer.

[For everyone] What we do is totally different – our policies give you access to hundreds of thousands of dollars so you don’t have to worry about your bills when you’re disabled or going through these serious diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease, ICU stays, etc. Not everyone qualifies for this, obviously … [ask for appointment]


Gotcha. So we know the doctors are going to get taken care of if you get sick. But who’s going to pay your bills if you can’t work for 3-6 months or even a year when you go through something serious?

That’s what we do – our policies give you access to hundreds of thousands of dollars so you don’t have to worry about your bills when you’re disabled or going through these serious diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease, ICU stays, etc. Not everyone qualifies, obviously … [ask for appointment]

“Is it like AFLAC?”  

Instead of answering directly, immediately ask “What makes you ask that?” Then after they answer, ask “I see, do you have AFLAC?

  1. If they say NO, ask “Oh, have you guys had them before?” If not, why not? Typically it’s something that we do better anyway – low interest, bad service, low payouts, etc.
  2. If they say YES, ask what they have. It will give you a better idea of how to position our offerings.

Finish with:

OK I get that. So AFLAC has small policies to pay your deductibles/copays and give you a little spending cash. This is the same idea on steroids: it costs more, but it pays A LOT more.

It’s designed to give you access to a slush fund so you can keep cash coming into the business so you can make payroll, hire extra help, and keep the business running. Plus if you don’t end up needing it, all the money you’ve paid is refunded. That’s why it’s so popular in your industry. [Ask for the appointment]

“I’ll explain this to the employees and let you know who’s interested”

In an effort to “help you out” or “save you time”, a business owner may offer to go and explain this to their employees and “see who’s interested” before they bother having you come in. If you’ve tried this even once, you’ll know this almost never gets a positive response.

Knowing what to say to this and giving someone a valid reason why they should go a different route will make all the difference in you getting in or not getting in. Learn the below answer to this objection & you will double the number of groups you open….

“I’m going to make an analogy here, and then I’m going to explain how it relates to what you just recommended, OK?

“Julie, how do you feel about arranged marriages?  What I mean is – if your dad came to you when you were in your mid-20s and said, ‘I’ve got the perfect boy (girl) for you!  I met him yesterday for about 30 minutes.  He’s a nice guy…. fairly good-looking, he’s funny and he has a job. You’ll love him!  You’re gonna marry this one!’  How would you feel about that?  

“Would you be…….. interested? (Not very excited)

“Yeah you probably wouldn’t be too fired up to get married to someone you’ve never met, right? Well, asking employees if they’re interested before learning anything from a trained professional about the product is very similar to arranged marriage… Trying to go explain it and find out who’s interested  without seeing it first.

“Typically the response is about as good a response you would give your father if he set up your marriage without you meeting your potential husband. Does that make sense?

“You really need to have a courting phase where you meet that person get to know them and figure out for yourself if you like them or not. It’s the same way with our coverage…. people have to SEE it to understand it….. to figure out if they’re interested.

“Getting me in front of your people is the key to them understanding their need and level their of interest.  Anything less would be a waste of time.”

“How much is it?”

Get a picture of a sweet expensive care & another picture of a beater. Then ask them (without showing them the pics):

“I have a car I’ll sell you for $5000. Do you want to buy it? Are you interested?”

What would you say? (Show the pic of each car)

You see it really depends on what product/car/policy you’re talking about. You have to SEE the car first to know if it’s a good deal.

Insurance policies are the same way. You have to see them to determine if the value is there BEFORE you can decide whether you’re interested or not. Does that make sense?