Dagan Martinez-Vargas

Dagan Martinez-Vargas


Who I am:

I am born and raised in Austin, Texas.  I am an Eagle Scout; and a Toastmaster/public speaker.  I have a wife and 2 little boys. My claim to fame is I worked for quite a few years for Jack Daniels. My mom is from Texas and my dad was from Lima, Peru. 

What I do now:

I help families hold on to what you built by offering cash protection with Family Heritage, a division of Globe Life: 

  1. I provide policies for when “sh*t hits the fan” due to accident, heart, or cancer. I give you cash to help with your personal bills like home, car, electric, cell phone, groceries, gas, and even your Netflix…
  2. However, if you do not use the policies over time, we give you ALL YOUR MONEY back as a 100% wellness return benefit. The way insurance should work, right! What’s the catch?  You pay each month for it and you do not keep the interest. 

Forget having to use GoFundme and instead, please follow me here for more info:

Fun Facts about Globe Life’s Family Heritage Division:

  • Provide funds directly to YOU covering the most common unfortunate medical events which also create the largest financial hardships. 
  • Have over 1 million policies.
  • $1.2 billion in asssets
  • $700 million dollars paid our in claims and money back.
  • Covering people like you since the 1980’s. 
  • A+ rating w/ BBB and w/AM Best 
  • One of the only insurances that return 100% of your fund
  • Globe Life is a top performing stock on the NY stock exchange 
  • Largest investors are Fidelity, Warren Buffet/Berkshire Hathaway, Black Rock, Goldman, and more. All with hundreds of analysts that examine us every quarter.