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All these “My IMO is better than your IMO” conversations I see on the various Facebook “insurance forums” are a complete waste of everyone’s time, in my opinion.

Whether you’re a rookie or a vet, hear me out and then I’d love to hear your thoughtful perspective as well. I’ve been in this industry for 18 ears – which doesn’t make what I say the TRUTH, but I have seen a thing or two, so take this for what it’s worth:

Your success in this business is 100% YOUR responsibility. I started at 30% commission and I’m now on 145% commission. Does it make a difference? Of course! But 145% of nothing is NOTHING. This business is about ONE THING: issuing premium. No one – whether writers or managers or IMOs or carriers – make a thin dime until someone writes and issues a policy on a human being.

I spent the first 5 years in this business cold-calling. I went door-to-door (parked my car and walked, like a Kirby salesman) to sell cancer insurance to people who I could get to open the door. I’m not saying that to brag – or for you to feel sorry for me. I’m saying that to say ALL leads are WAY BETTER than that! Old leads, new leads, resold leads, bait and switch leads, you name it. Go knock some cold doors if you don’t believe me and you’ll soon be grateful for whatever leads you can get your hands on.

At the same time, from another perspective, ALL leads developed by someone other than YOU are always going to suck! A smart agent will use whatever leads they can get their hands on to get to the kitchen tables and then GET REFERRALS. They’ll buy leads from a vendor until they have a slush fund and can spend some money marketing THEMSELVES and generating leads no one else could possibly benefit from. Give up your right to complain about your leads and instead get in action and work strategically to get into a 100% referral and self-generated business. It only takes a few months of grinding.

Your “upline” is valuable only to the extent that they can 1) teach you something you don’t know, 2) give you access to commission levels you can’t get on your own, or 3) give you resources you couldn’t create or find on your own. That’s it. If your “upline” isn’t giving you any of those three, MOVE ON. Maybe that means switching companies, or maybe that means growing past them if your system allows that. Either way, YOU are the cause of your success – or your failure. And you should find that 100% empowering!! If you don’t like where you are, MOVE – you’re not a damn tree!

Finally, whether you’re captive or not, you don’t derive your authority from the company or the carrier that appointed you, but from the state that granted you your license. YOU are an INDIVIDUAL producer who is CHOOSING to affiliate with the group you’re currently with. Always remember that and operate from that place with your clients and your upline and your downline. We all work for ourselves, ultimately; let’s be good to each other!


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