How did she do it?

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At lunch today with the #3 Torchmark personal recruiter at Family Heritage Leadership Academy 201, Jennifer Chandler (an Agency Builder) was asked how she PERSONALLY recruited 35 people in rural Alabama?

“Well, since there aren’t many resumes in my county, and most ads don’t get responses, I just go out and personally talk to every person I can.”

Do you sell and train as well? “Yes, both. I do that everywhere I go.”

What do you say to people to start a conversation? “Are you happy with what you’re doing?”, then she follows up with, “If I could talk to you about an opportunity that I could change your life, would you be interested in hearing about it?”

That’s it? “Yes.”

Then what? “I invite them to a group interview that I hold weekly.”

You hold a group interview for your personal recruiting? “Yes, every week.”

How many times a week do you do approach someone about a career? “At least 40, sometimes 50 or more.”




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