How To Do An Elevator Pitch

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If you’ve ever been given 30 seconds to answer the questions “What do you do?” you already understand the importance of having a quick, concise and memorable intro. I’ll give you mine and then break the components down so you can see the theory behind the verbiage:

“What I do – is use the Internet … to make the phone ring; or make people walk into your business. I’m not a ‘Web Guy’ so I do NOT need you have a terrific website; or even a website at all for that matter.

“I get my clients because they’re frustrated at putting so much effort into Google or Facebook or Twitter or Yelp – and it doesn’t seem to help them SELL MORE of whatever they’re into. That’s what I do, and I’m really good at it 🙂

“The most common kind of client for me is someone who owns their own business – who has a great reputation because they are awesome at what they do – and wants their phone to ring more.”

There are a couple of elements that are worth pointing out here:

1. An immediate reference to the WII-FM radio station we all listen to right off the bat. (That’s “What’s In It For ME” in case you’re not familiar with that acronym. It’s probably the most important thing you can learn in sales.)

2. An answer to my most common objection right up front.

3. A “quick pinch” to get them to feel the pain that I solve. Key word: “frustrated”.

4. A “low-hanging fruit” reference to close up – if that’s them, there’s a chance they’ll self-refer; if not, it leaves the door open for a referral conversation.

I use a version of this introduction at BNI, Chambers of Commerce, cocktail parties or just while having a beer with friends. It’s low-key but straight to the point. Take these elements and craft your own – make it fit your style and personality; that’s the key!

Now get out there and go sell something 😉


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