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  1. Underwriter assigned to you
    1. Independent / Non-Captive
    2. Expedia / Amazon
  2. Who filled out the Request Card?
  3. My job is real simple
    1. See what you’re looking for
    2. See what is most important to you
    3. But Most importantly, see what we can get you Approved for
  4. I’ll Take all those factors and come up with a couple options
  5. Goal is to accomplish 3 things today
    1. Affordable
    2. Coverage is Comfortable
    3. Get you Approved today
  6. WE are going to try and get you pre-approved TODAY!
  7. Does that sound FAIR?
  8. Is there anything else that would be a deciding factor for you?
  9. Questions
    1. What motivated you to fill out that form? Would either of you have to move, if one of you didn’t come home?
    2. What other insurances do you have or have you had?
    3. How Long have you been looking for this coverage? What motivated you to start looking now?
    4. What’s prevented you from getting this coverage since you’ve started looking?
    5. Run Thru this to make sure I understand correctly (REPEAT BACK TO THEM IN YOUR WORDS)
  10. Quick Pre-screening
    1. What do you take medications for?
    2. Any crazy health issues in the past seven years?
    3. Anything you might not take medications for anymore?
  11. My Expertise is helping people JUST like you
  12. 1st thing we are going to do – See if THEY will even approve you
    1. THEY will spend about $1k to $2k looking you over
      1. MIB
      2. Scripts
      3. Background
      4. SOC
      5. Banking
      6. Driving record
    2. 1 of 3 decisions
      1. Yes
      2. No
      3. Additional UW
  13. My job is to Protect the Mortgage
    1. 10% to 100% of the mortgage
    2. Would you want your BENEFICIARY to get a $250k check or $100k check?
    3. What budget would we like to stay under? Under $1,000, $800, $600?
      1. Whatever it takes to fit your Budget!
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