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If I had to start completely over from scratch, here’s what I would do:

  1. Spend $1000/week to get somewhere around 60-80 new leads per dial day (Mondays and Thursdays)
    1. Buy as many leads as you can from the CRM – Instant Internet Leads and older, and any aged Direct Mail leads = biggest bang for your buck
    2. You should expect 15 appointments set for every 100 leads you work through
    3. You should write a MINIMUM of $5K annual premium every week and deposit at least $15K+ every month on that budget and schedule
  2. Once you hit that $20K run-rate, start spending $1500-$2000/week to diversify your lead sources and boost your sales from $20K up to $40K. This will give you an extra $15K+/mo in deposits for you to re-invest back into your business
  3. Staff #1: Hire a personal assistant to do all your clerical work around your personal policies and manage your time
  4. Start investing $1000/month and get on a recruiting campaign – we have several going on right now, just ask me and I’ll get you on one
  5. Staff #2: Hire a recruiter once you get the hang of the recruiting process so you can offload that work
  6. Invest another $2000/month on recruiting ads
  7. Staff #3: Hire a second recruiter
  8. Staff #4: You should be approaching the $250K-$300K/month production level as a team. Hire a contracting admin to prepare to take your agency direct to FFL
  9. Hit $350K/mo run-rate and get promoted to 140% direct to FFL
  10. Look “behind” you and focus on helping one of your Senior Sales Managers or VPs get to the 140% level – which will max out the comp plan at 145%

From there it’s just a question of how many people can you help get to 145%?

Every 145% leg = $10M/year in additional volume for your agency.

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