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The following will instruct an agent on how to:

  1. Create a Zoom account
  2. Schedule a meeting for a specific time 
  3. Start a meeting on demand
  4. Change Zoom video settings in order to allow customers to hear the eApp presentation 
  1. Create a Zoom account
    1. Sign up using this link: https://zoom.us/signup
  1. The agent should check their email for an email from Zoom no-reply@zoom.us
  2. The agent should click the “Activate Account” button, as shown below
  1. After the account is activated, the agent will see a similar screen below.  The agent should enter their first and last name, then create a password. This completes creating a Zoom account.

  1. Schedule a meeting for a specific time.
    1. The agent can click on “SCHEDULE A MEETING” for a specific time.

On selecting “SCHEDULE A MEETING”, the following page is displayed

Select the menu item “My Meetings”. This will display any meetings that are scheduled, if any.

  If the “Schedule a New Meeting” is clicked, the following is displayed. Enter the necessary data.

At the very bottom make sure to click the Save button

After saving, the following screen is displayed providing the information on the meeting that was just created. There is a link to copy the web address for the meeting and send the link to the customer via email.

At the bottom there is a button to start the meeting immediately after the email has been sent.

  1. If the “Start this Meeting” is selected, the meeting will start by showing the following screen. Click on “Join with computer Audio” button.
  1. Select the “Share” icon.
  1. You can then select the screen you want to share.

After clicking “Share”, please make sure to select “Share computer sound” option at the bottom of the screen as shown below. Select the screen to share that the customer will be viewing the EApp.

Please ensure no pop-ups or application are blocking the presentation.

  1. Once the customer receives the email from the agent, the customer will need to click the link to the meeting that is in the email. 
  • If the customer is using a laptop, the customer will be directed to the meeting.
  • If the customer is using a tablet, they may need to install the Zoom app on their device.

Zoom Help

For additional assistance with Zoom, you can do so by clicking the link:


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