New Agent Checklist


☐ Send manager full legal name (First, Middle, Last), best email, and phone number 

  • Manager will submit your information to Shannon, our Head of Contracting and you will be getting these emails:
    • Your personalized link to our SuranceBay contracting portal
    • An email with SuranceBay instructions
    • A “Confirm Your Subscription” email to join our New Agent Training email series

☐ Need E&O Insurance? 

☐ Go through your specific contracting link that was emailed to you by Shannon from contracting

☐ Complete the affidavit and acknowledgement

  • Make sure you watch the entire SuranceBay Overview Video and then get started. 
  • Create a New Profile with SuranceBay, and Request Appointments for all of the carriers, and confirm them until they say: BGA under “Currently At”
  • SuranceBay “Currently At” Statuses: 
    • Producer: Go back through and confirm your requested appointments
    • BGA: Good Job, you have done it correctly and your contract has been sent to our home office
    • Carrier: FFL home office has sent your contract to each carrier 
    • Discarded: Locate the reason, and email: for help
  • Check SuranceBay daily for contracting updates with each carrier. 
  • SuranceBay Help HERE

☐ Complete Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Course

☐ Follow up with each carrier in 5 business days after your contract status has changed to “Carrier” 

  • Verify they have all your contracting paperwork and that there are no outstanding requirements. 
  • Carrier contact info can be found HERE
  • Keep an eye on your email box for important messages and appointment confirmation from the carriers. 
  • Make sure to look in your SPAM and Promotional folder of your email. 



☐ Print out these documents to set yourself up for success

☐ Order Leads

☐ Phone Script Training

☐ In-Home Presentation

  • Watch every video and study the In-Home Presentation HERE
  • Bookmark the Quote Tools HERE
  • Take detailed notes

☐ Product Knowledge

  • Learn about the main products we sell HERE

☐ Decide when to work – Plan out your dial days/ run days

  • Faster you become self sufficient, the faster you will be successful.

☐ Once you receive your carrier appointment confirmation and agent numbers

  • Register for each carrier you received a writing number from
  • Order supplies directly from carrier
  • Become familiar with their eApp

☐ Register for Family First Life Agent CRM System

  • Ask your manager and they can get you access 


☐ Stay active

The more active you stay, the faster you will learn, and the faster you will become successful. You Can Do This!