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Go to bed and wake up at same time every day. (Up early)

Eat healthy. Pack a lunch and healthy snacks (No fast food) Your clients and the agents on your team need your energy.

Always be early to first appointment. It’s usually the only one you’ll be on time for.

Never miss the last appointment. NEVER

If the client calls to cancel appointment, still go.

Resolve every lead. If they don’t answer, text. If they don’t text back, door knock.

Protect your dial day. Always start at 7:30am. Any time after, you’re late and leaving money on the table. Dial until you’re done. Discipline equals freedom.

We earn our living on dial day and serve on run days. If you aren’t disciplined on dial day, you’ll go from serving to selling on run days.

10 appointments every run day. (If you don’t book 10, 2 door knocks counts as an appointment)

If you get no-showed, stay in the clients driveway and dial until they come home or until you have to get to your next appointment.

If you get a chargeback, get back in front of the client, revisit the why and if necessary, lower the premium. They need the coverage. Don’t try to outwork every chargeback.

Reach out, reach up. Learn from others mistakes. Speed up your learning curve.

Have big reasons. You wouldn’t die for that house or that car. Make your reasons something worth fighting for.

Get rid of the who and/or what that is in the way of you attaining your goals. We all have to get rid of some habits to level up.

Lastly, stay positive. Focus on the good. Learn from the negative and move fast through the mistakes.

Give it all you got! 💯

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DeAnna DuPree · September 9, 2021 at 8:43 am

Such great tips especially staying in the clients driveway … I love that!

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