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From the desk of Jeremy Laurin:

Something I’ve recently realized is that most people have their priorities completely backwards.

I’m meeting with this client, he and his wife make plenty of money, they have a beautiful house, two kids under 10 and two cars.

We’ve been talking about insurance for almost 90 minutes. They want to “think about it”.

So I say to them, and I draw this out, look you’ve got a house, cars, and your family. Put them in order of importance. The guy looks at me and says, well that’s easy, my family is first of course above all else. Ok. I put a number one on the family.

Next, he says well probably my house because without a house…well we need a house. Ok, I write a 2 on the house.

Finally he says and the cars are last.

Ok, Michael I say, you’ve got it all backwards.

What?! He practically shouts.

Look I show him, you’ve got it backwards, you’re car insurance is almost $200 / month, your homeowners is about $150 and both are insured properly. However the thing you said you cared about the most…you don’t have covered at all.

He was mad at first but softened pretty quick. A few minutes later he protected his family. He didn’t wait, he didn’t think about it, he did what he knew was important and took care of his family.

At the end, he thanked me for pushing him to make the right decision, for fighting for his family.

That’s what we do as agents.

Where are your priorities?


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