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14311392_1113535098727733_4586367631153502664_oRachel Burnett, my business partner in San Angelo, led the Dynasty conference call this morning. Here are my notes from her call:
It all boils down to good old-fashioned activity.
I’ve discovered there are so many talented people in our company and I learn from all of them. I’ve come to realize I’ve learned so little compared to how much there is to learn.
Be a student. Your business will continue to evolve – appreciate the journey as much as the destination.
In order to get better, you have to WANT to get better. Use the sales process and the tools you’re given to make it your own. You can’t find out what works for you if you don’t try a bunch of different things.
I’ve had my successes through having many more failures.


  • Be protective of your time
  • Only demo qualified prospects
    • Money?
    • Need?
    • Decision-maker?

Rapport / Intro

  • Start out with a huge smile. Body language and confidence speak volumes.
  • Always give a reason why you’re there: Because it’s so expensive to get sick / Because so many people are going thru cancer/heart problems these days
  • Take a genuine interest in THEM. This is for YOU, not for ME. Be empathetic. Our job is a lot bigger than us. When someone goes through something like this, we’re one of the first 5 people they’re going to call.
  • Transition – I’m talking to everyone here in town and what everyone’s telling me is just how expensive it is to get sick or hurt. Use a story.
  • What we do isn’t necessarily for everyone. I’m not trying to sell you everything. Want to find out what you have, what your risk factors are, and what might help you if you need it.
    • How young are you? Spouse? Kids?
    • Tell me about your insurance? Through your job? Kids on it? Disability? Life? Supplemental?
    • Risk factors? History of cancer/heart/ICU/accident/sports?


  • Value. Why I’ve met with so many people – health insurance not only costs more, but covers less. Out of pocket occurs all the time, but something major is astronomical. People go through these things all the time, but they’re not dying anymore.
  • Direct – not the brunt of the expense. Payment plan, etc.
  • Indirect – no payment plans there. You have to find the money from somewhere. Drain your 401k. Fundraiser, etc.
    • What if it’s more than what I have?
    • How am I going to replenish what I’ve lost – because all I have is time.
    • That’s why it’s so important to prepare.
  • They believe 100% of what they think/feel and 0% of what we say.

Buying Atmosphere

  • My job isn’t to sell everyone. My job is to help them make a decision. Neediness kills your confidence.
  • A large part is to reassure them they have a lot of time to make a decision but you’re not coming back just to do paperwork.
  • Three main objections: Money / Procrastination / Spouse. Sniff these objections out and SAY IT FIRST.
    • Procrastination: What I do is extremely simple. Insurance can be confusing – this isn’t. You’ll know whether this is for you or not. If you’re 85% sure that you want to get something, I’m going to ask you the health questions and qualify you. If you want to change anything, you always can.
    • Money: Our job is to put food ON the table, not take it off. If this doesn’t fit your budget, I need you to just tell me NO. It’s a one-page app. Nothing comes out today. You can tell me how you want the payments setup.
    • Spousal: It’s incredibly simple. You’ll know if it makes sense for your family. Obviously you should discuss it with your spouse and decide what’s best for your family. You’ll KNOW whether it fits your budget and protects you. I’ll get the information I need and leave you with everything. If you decide you want to make any changes or adjustments, that’s a simple phone call.
  • Confidence in your process. You’re not going to do anything they don’t want to. But you’re not coming back just to do paperwork.
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