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Recently I was interviewed by Tim Martin of Success Is Voluntary and I wanted to share it here with you. This interview was so fun because of the connection Tim and I have with each other – he titled this interview “Twins Separated at Birth”.

Click here for the podcast.

Things we talked about:

  • I was expelled from seminary.
  • I started my career selling books door to door as a college intern
  • Adversity needs to be examined in perspective.
  • My passion is helping people live their best life.
  • Learning to ride in the current rather than fighting it.
  • The next 10 years are the “golden age” for Voluntary Benefits.
  • When you are having “one of those days” remember:
    • It’s not about you.
    • We tend to look at problems from the “me” perspective.
      • Why are they being mean to ME?
      • Why do bad things always happen to ME?
      • Why don’t people buy from ME?
    • The best way to get out of that funk is to make a positive impact on another person.
  • Be present
  • You only find your authentic voice after you know how to do something.
  • Courage doesn’t occur without fear.
  • If you saw someone talking to their dog like you talk to yourself, you would probably want to intervene and tell them not to treat their dog that poorly.
  • One of the biggest self-limiting beliefs is that we need to do something on our own. Lose the pride and ask for help!
  • My billboard: “Love each other.”

“The best advice I’ve ever received was to do what scares you.” – Eric Hemati

Give the interview a listen and post your comments below!


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