Slack Glossary

Many of you are asking the meaning of all of the abbreviations we use: AP = Annual Premium APPS = Applications DK = Door Knock BAMFAM = Booked A Meeting From A Meeting MOO = Mutual Of Omaha (carrier) AMAM = American Amicable (carrier) JH = John Hancock (carrier) TRANS Read more…

Virtual Selling

How To Sell Life Insurance via Zoom Selling Mortgage Protection & Final Expense In Person, Via Zoom, & Over The Phone How To Increase Your Close Ratio Over The Phone & Via Zoom

What is an IUL?

“Index Universal Life Insurance” 101 overview zoom training. We cover: what is a universal life plan  how does an index work  how to build value to a client  how does the cash value work  payment flexibility  underwriting  Q&A 

TikTok Ideas

Videos to stitch or duet: Name a job where amount of work and amount of pay do not match What is a fact/statistic that seems fake but is real Tell me what your fav thing about working with FFL Video Ideas: Other agents making 30-45% while FFL makes 100-145% (clown) Read more…


From the desk of Jeremy Laurin: Something I’ve recently realized is that most people have their priorities completely backwards. I’m meeting with this client, he and his wife make plenty of money, they have a beautiful house, two kids under 10 and two cars. We’ve been talking about insurance for Read more…

IUL Target Market

What is the target market for the MoO IULe? Watch the video below: If you need help determining if an IULE is right for your client submit an IUL Ask a Specialist on today!