Career Track

Build Your Empire:

The most exciting thing about our opportunity is the ability to build a business of your own. We’ve specifically engineered our compensation plan to appeal to those with an entrepreneurial mindset. We don’t believe you’ll find a more aggressive and simple pathway to achieving your financial goals, no matter how lofty they may be.

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FHLA Overview

 We facilitate this growth through our membership in Globe Life’s Family Heritage Leadership Academy (FHLA). FHLA is an invite-only quarterly leadership training at the Globe Life corporate office in McKinney, TX. Each level builds on the levels preceding it and is a proven way to supercharge your business growth. Click here for details on the course content.

Level 1-5 – Sales Professional: 

The Sales Professional’s role is to engage in personal sales. As their skills improve and they desire to progress their career, they will have the opportunity to field train new Sales Professionals as the introductory step toward agency building, or continue to grow their commissions as a Career Sales Professional.

  • Primary Responsibility: Personal Sales
  • Secondary Responsibility: Personal Recruiting

    Levels 2-5 – Field Director: 

    The Field Director position is vital to the success of the Agency. The role is two-fold, personal sales and the initial field training of new Sales Professionals. A Field Director must engage in consistent and duplicatable selling techniques and work habits that build upon the training a new Sales Professional received in Sales Academy. A developing Field Director will, through personal recruiting, build submitting agents to progress into the Market Director position.

    • Primary Responsibility: Personal Sales & Field Training
    • Secondary Responsibility: Personal Recruiting

      Level 6 – Market Director:

      The Market Director position is the first phase of building and developing a team. The activities will evolve as the size of the team increases, but their core activities resemble that of a Regional Director with a heavier emphasis on selling, field training and recruiting. A growing Market Director is essential to the success of a local office.

      • Primary Responsibility: Personal Sales, Field Training, Professional Recruiting
      • Secondary Responsibility: Supervise & Develop Agents, Personal Recruiting
      • Responsible for 1/3 share of office, recruiting and incentive expenses

        Level 7 – Regional Director: 

        The Regional Director is the key person in driving and executing business targets. Consistent recruiting to the local office, leadership development, training, office staff management, and consistent growth are core responsibilities. A successful Regional Director building through the Agency Building Model can grow their business year over year with the autonomy of an Agency Owner without the financial exposure.

        • Primary Responsibility: Professional Recruiting, Supervise & Develop Agents, Run Local Agency Office
        • Secondary Responsibility: Field Training, Personal Recruiting, Agency Development & Expansion
        • Responsible for 2/3 share of office, recruiting and incentive expenses

          Becoming an Agency Owner and ICON Partner

          Financial responsibility of all agents in your various regions. Minimum seven-figure premium production guarantee.

          • Primary Responsibility: Agency Development & Expansion, Supervise & Develop Agents, Professional Recruiting
          • Secondary Responsibility: Personal Recruiting, Run Local Agency Office, Field Training as needed
          • Responsible for all office, recruiting and incentive expenses