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Referrals are the very best “Lead” you can have. After the sale, ask and you shall receive. Have the client text/call the prospect to introduce you ahead of time


Find out who will be responsible when something happens besides the beneficiary. Tell the client you are going to call them to make sure they understand how to use the coverage they’ve just put in place. 


Be sure to tell them to call you when the policy arrives to schedule a time to go over the coverage. (another touch) If they don’t call them and remind them about the policy review and again you look like the professional again. 

Send them a card and congratulate them for protecting their family and reiterate what was important to them in the card. (another touch)

Use a highlighter to highlight the important benefits of the coverage and ask for more referrals. When you go over the benefits it will reignite the excitement of their decision and coverage. 


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